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CCA and money advisers – working together on behalf of customers experiencing financial difficultiy

The CCA - who we support

The CCA actively engages with money advisers but also provides support direct to consumers.

We encourage money advisers to engage with us, not just when they have a customer that is experiencing financial difficulty, but on an on-going basis, as we believe that strong relationships help to deliver the best possible outcome for customers when they need it.  The CCA is also happy to attend relevant events and conferences and provide speakers for staff training courses or consumer finance events.

For consumers, the CCA is a popular source of advice on a wide range of credit matters and is always happy to offer help, support and information.  Our strong relationships with debt counselling charities, debt advisory groups and consumer organisations ensure that when home credit customers need help, the CCA can provide it.

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Our quarterly magazine, CCA News, keeps our members up to date with all the latest news and issues affecting the home credit industry.

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