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CCA and money advisers – working together on behalf of customers experiencing financial difficultiy

Consumer Credit Association

Building positive relationships for positive outcomes.

The CCA is at the forefront of the home credit industry and we work hard to build positive relationships with debt advisers. 

Occasionally a customer’s circumstances may change and they find themselves in having difficulty repaying debts to a number of different creditors.

By working together closely, the CCA, its members and debt advice organisations can help to achieve a positive outcome for these customers.

The CCA - who we support

The CCA is happy to attend relevant events and conferences and provide speakers for staff training courses or consumer finance events.

Home Credit - the benefits

The home credit industry offers a much valued service which is geared to the specific needs of consumers who require small cash loans or consumer goods on credit.

Unrivalled standards

The Association has around 500 member businesses which range from large public limited companies to small firms.

CCA News

CCA News - January 2015 cover

Our quarterly magazine, CCA News, keeps our members up to date with all the latest news and issues affecting the home credit industry.

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