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Vale Loans

Vale Loans was established by Jeremy Shakespeare 8 years ago.  A qualified financial advisor for over 20 years, Jeremy spotted a gap in the local market and started providing cash loans to customers in the Evesham vicinity.  The firm has now grown into a successful business, servicing around 100 local customers.

How were you introduced to the CCA?

When Jeremy set up Vale Loans he felt that it was important, particularly in the early days, to be represented by a trade body to ensure that the firm complied with all the appropriate laws and regulations.  

Having carried out some internet research Jeremy identified the CCA and obtained all the information that he needed from the team at the head office in Chester and joined immediately.  

Benefits of Membership

  • Membership of the CCA provides credibility and legitimacy, particularly when starting out in business 
  • Training sessions and workshops keep the team at Vale Loans 'in the know' , an essential requirement in the dynamic financial services industry 
  • Continuous communication from the CCA provides essential updates on constantly changing rules and regulations, ensuring Vale Loan's services always comply 
  • CCA membership has provided Vale Loans with competitive edge by enabling the firm to improve the level of service experienced by their customers 




Jeremy Shakespeare of Vale Loans comments:

"I don't believe that any firm can operate a legitimate home credit business without the backup of the CCA. For us it would have been a huge struggle to obtain a licence in the beginning without CCA membership and their support. The Association ensures that everything is done by the book. The staff are fantastic and there's always someone who can help out when needed."

CCA News

CCA News - January 2015 cover

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