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RDS Finance

RDS started its life when founder, Raymond Sigley bought a small credit drapery round 34 years ago selling a range of goods on credit including clothing, bedding and furniture.Today RDS Finance is a successful home credit firm employing wife Diane and daughter Michelle.  The firm has a loyal customer base,  predominantly located in the Stoke-On-Trent area.

Time to seek help...

RDS was looking for some business advice four years ago and a colleague suggested that they should approach the Consumer Credit Association (CCA).  Daughter, Michelle had recently joined the business and was finding the fast-paced world of finance with its constantly changing regulations difficult to keep up with. The need to contract solicitors for frequent updates to customer contracts was also proving both time consuming and costly.  

Michelle phoned the CCA's head office in Chester, had a chat with a member of the team and was sent some simple joining instructions together with details on upcoming training courses, workshops and seminars.  The rest is history...


Since joining the CCA, RDS Finance tell us that they have gained: 

•  Peace of mind - an ongoing program of training courses, seminars, workshops, roadshows , regional meetings and emails, keeping the RDS team up-to-date with the latest home credit regulations and developments

•  Reduced costs - customer contracts are continuously updated by the CCA to conform with financial regulations and are supplied as part of the membership package so solicitors services are no longer required in this area 

•  Smooth Authorisation process  - RDS has recently successfully completed the submission of its FCA authorisation application with the help of the team at the CCA

•  Networking opportunities - access to the CCA's network of 420 members via meetings, seminars etc. provides invaluable chances to knowledge share




Michelle sigley-Parrish of RDS Finance comments:

"From our experience, I would say that membership of the CCA is essential for any firm in the home credit sector. With the ever changing financial regulations and, in particular, the complexities of the current authorisation process, we think we would have probably thrown in the towel by now without the support of the CCA. Meetings and seminars not only ensure that you keep up to date with changes in the financial landscape but they also offer a great opportunity to catch up with other members and share experiences and common issues. Whenever we have a query or need some advice, someone in the team at the CCA is always on-hand to help out. I would definitely recommend joining the CCA!"

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