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I&M Williams

Tameside based home credit firm, J&I Williams was established by brothers Jack and Ian Williams in the 1970s.  The company later became I&M Williams when son of Ian, Mark joined in 1986 followed by daughter Vanessa in October 2002.  Mark started taking an active role in the running of the business from 2001.

The firm now serves around 300 customers in the Tameside area, mainly within a 10 mile radius of the office.

In the 70s

The 1974 Consumer Credit Act resulted in major regulatory changes and J&I Williams (as they were known at the time) were looking for guidance on their implementation. A colleague from another firm in the Tameside area suggested that the Consumer Credit Association would be able to provide the support that was required. Following conversations with the team at the CCA, the company quickly became members.

The CCA Effect

• The company highlights some key areas of CCA support over the last ten years of regulatory change:

   - In 2005 the Competition Commission's investigation into the home credit sector and the resulting changes to the Consumer Credit Act in 2006 created new challenges for home credit firms. The CCA helped to guide I&M smoothly through the process.

   - When changes to licensing were introduced in 2011, with the subsequent requirement to enter a more complex and time-consuming application process, the CCA stepped in and worked with I&M to achieve a stress-free outcome.

   - The current FCA Authorisation process has been a challenge for I&M but with the Association's help during the initial application phase, as well as support in preparation for the subsequent rounds of questions, the firm is making good progress.

• Meetings and workshops - I&M always attend the North West regional meetings and have also benefitted from the CCA's workshops on Compliance and Anti Money Laundering at their head office in Chester

• General advice and support - I&M have access to a team of experienced and knowledgeable home credit experts as and when they need it 


Mark Williams of I&M Williams comments:

"Our success comes from the fact that we have a loyal customer base who appreciate our understanding of their circumstances and our flexibility in meeting their individual needs. It's important for us that we provide the best service that we can and that means making sure that we have access to all the latest information and complaint materials. I think that without CCA membership it would be impossible for any company running a home credit business to keep up to date with the constant rule changes. The team at the CCA is always available to answer any questions and provide help and guidance. I'm not sure what we'd do without them!".

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